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KCBS TV (Channel 2, Los Angeles) has aired the feature on me Friday, July 27th. Click here to watch the video.
                                                                     Thanks so much, Phoebe
Phoebe Beasley gives substance to the phrase creative artist if indeed the phrase isn't redundant.

As a painter, her eye is sharp and quick. She sees human beings, our foibles, frailties and strengths, and she cares about what she sees. I have watched her over the past twenty years use gouache, watercolor, tissue paper and oil to tell the human story of friends sitting at tables sharing jokes, of workers waiting at bus stops and musicians expressing soulful melodies. She has shown us how we look when we have been assailed by grief. Her eye has captured and her art has revealed the grace in angular teenagers and the composure of sleeping old women.

Phoebe Beasley's eye has never failed her; has never lied to her, and her art generously gives us beauty, information and always the truth.

Maya Angelou